Welcome aboard EasyGo

We’ve set out on a journey. This journey is a little different from the ones we usually take. It’s the kind you take once in your life, and stay on for life. A journey of changing the world for the better. A journey from the travel experience we’ve all come to expect, to an elevated one that we know we deserve.

We are India’s first intercity electric coach service. Why electric? Because it’s more efficient, quieter, and cleaner. It’s just better, simple as that. However, our electric coaches is just the start. That’s because what we do is more than just ‘operate buses’. We are finding ways of making the entire travel experience better. Not in small measures, but by leaps and bounds.

We’re bringing a better booking experience, luxurious lounges, guest assist programmes, a superior in-cabin experience, international standard of safety and service; as well as technology-driven value-added services like geo-location sharing through our state-of-the-art app.